Business Consultancy

Our business owners have considerable experience in the marketing and sale of businesses. They have previously marketed and sold businesses to multi-nationals and understand the potential pitfalls and opportunities to attract suitors and extract value. 

Areas where we can help

  • Initial discussion of the sale process
  • Business preparation techniques.
  • Marketing the business for sale, how and who.
  • What a buyer may be looking for.
  • Moving a transaction forwards.
  • Initial and earnout consideration and time frames
  • After sale life advice. What to do next.

For an informal discussion please contact us confidentially at

What makes us different?

We strongly believe in keeping things simple and straight forwards. Changing jobs is stressful enough without being bombarded by technical waffle unrealistic requirements. Regardless of your situation please contact us to see how we can help. Our recruitment consultants are available for no obligation discussions about your career or aspirations.

Please upload your CV in word format or send us an email on